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My goal is to teach you how to reclaim your movement and build a body that serves you. I want you to have a movement toolbox that you can access to build physical autonomy. Building a body that serves you is what we all want. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with injuries and pain that limits your life.

Over the past eight years, I have helped hundreds of clients build stronger, more mobile physiques while having fun along the way. This whole exercise thing doesn’t have to be a chore and once you approach it in a different way, it’s a really enjoyable experience.

No more deprivation diets and workouts you loathe. I offer individualised, habit-based lifestyle coaching tailored to you. This is complemented with fun, movement-based workouts. Think about learning and applying a new habit every two weeks. Add workouts that focus on improving your flexibility, strength and motor control and you have the recipe for a strong and capable body and mind.

Aside from an increase in flexibility, mobility and muscular endurance, the core lesson from my experience of training with Conor has been a greater ability to listen to my own body. I trust my body in a way that I never quite have before, which has had an unavoidably positive flow-on effect to other areas of my life! The range of movement drills that Conor teaches have integrated beautifully with my existing strength training, adding a dimension of joy and creativity to my workouts. His sessions are challenging, he is highly knowledgeable and his warmth and professionalism are standout.  

Ellen, 24, Melbourne

Conor helped me realise my goal of deadlifting past my bodyweight this year! He set up a program for me that included flexibility and rehab exercises to allow for a steady and supportive journey towards lifting heavy weights. He is thoroughly informed and educated about exercise physiology and taught me to perfect my form while lifting as well as personalising stretches to maximise my post-performance agility. I liked his professional work ethic and how he is always adapting exercises and introducing new ones to suit his clients’ needs. I reckon he will be running his own wellness centre in no time. Watch this space!

Kavita, Melbourne

If you want to change your life in a healthy way, Conor can help you reach your goal. He is a very professional and knowledgeable coach who can help you to get the best result and maximise your efficiency at the gym. I was going to the gym for three years before I met Conor and couldn’t get the results I wanted. However, after just three months working with him, I’ve improved far more than the previous three years! Thanks bro, you are an absolute GUN!

Hamid, 32, Melbourne

Professional, knowledgeable, approachable. Three words I would use to describe Conor. In the time I have trained with Conor, I have learnt different techniques, movements of the body and a holistic approach to fitness. Conor’s approach is adaptable not only to your fitness level that day, but also to your mood – his style is refreshing .

Conor also writes regular blogs on his website, thee blogs are great tips on nutrition, motivation, fitness and over all life coaching.

All in all – highly recommendable guy!! 🙂

Stacey, 27, Melbourne.

My Story

After spending most of my childhood playing Gaelic games, I arrived into my twenties with a broken body. After finishing my studies in Sport Science and entering the world of personal training, I found it frustrating how inhibited my body had become.
Silly foot injuries put me off social activities and made me feel like a fake. Who was I to coach others when I couldn’t fix my own issues?

During a two year trip to Asia, I was exposed to eastern practices. I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification in Mysore, India and two Vipassana meditation retreats in Thailand. This was the start of exploring and applying different practices into my own training. Early in 2015, I found GMB Fitness. They combined mindful movement with martial arts and gymnastic style movements which resonated with me.  Since then, I have integrated a more holistic approach to my coaching. It’s not just about how much you can bench press. It’s about building a body that serves you. I teach movement, control, flexibility, breath-work, meditation and nutritional habits.

My goal is to change your view of fitness and nutrition. Fitness isn’t something that you should dread doing. It should be a positive part of your day. It should be something you do to strengthen and invigorate your body. Food shouldn’t be something that ruins your progress. It should be celebrated and enjoyed.



BSc. Sport and Exercise Science

200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certified