I offer both habit based nutritional coaching and movement coaching. These can be done together or separately. If your results are fat loss related you have to do nutritional coaching. I cannot guarantee body composition progress if I’m not coaching you for nutrition.

  • Build a body that serves you

    I know how it feels when annoying injuries make everything more challenging. Based on your goals, I’ll coach you towards a stronger, leaner more capable body.

  • Build sustainable nutritional habits

    Sick of yo-yo dieting and back breaking workouts? How about a mindful movement practice and nutritional habits you can actually sustain? I will eliminate the guess work so you can focus on the important things in life.

  • Long term results

    How about getting to your ideal weight and staying there? I will help you build sustainable bite sized habits. Resulting in a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

  • Workout on your own terms

    Your program will be individualised to your lifestyle. Based on how much time you have each week your workout and nutrition will work for you, not against.

  • Accountability and guidance the whole way

    I will keep you accountable, motivated and on track throughout the process. No matter what issues crop up we will find the best path for you.

  • Based on systems that work

    My coaching methods are based on GMB Fitness training and Precision nutrition’s habit based coaching. Both systems have worked for 1000s of people around the world. Put simply, they work.

Michelle G. Melbourne

I met with Conor, after seeing a testimonial from one of his clients who had changed her body shape, lost body fat and was eating MORE!!

How was this possible?! I had struggled with my weight a majority of my life, and finally I was my smallest but couldn’t change the bottom half off my body, was struggling with energy and I was always hungry! When I met with Conor my goals were simply, guidance to try something new to hopefully decrease 2 dress sizes and eat more. Initially I have to say I was scared as I had come from the mentality, eating less and exercising more was the equation.

My experience with Conor as my coach, exceeded my expectations. Conor educated me with exercise, food and being kind to myself. Even though I thought changing my body was the main thing I wanted from working with Conor, I gained so much MORE. My mindset and relationship with food and exercise. I now nourish my body instead of punish it, eating well means I function better.

I sleep better and am kind to my body instead of stressing to get to the gym and restricting my food intake all whilst having reduced 2 dress sizes. And finally I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life and I love that I can do handstand and cartwheels for the first time in my life!

Hyder Ali. 20. Melbourne

I have trained with Conor for about 6-7 months and without any doubt I can assure that he’s the best out there. I have dropped over 30kgs going from 110kgs to 80kgs during this time frame. He not only gives you results and helps you reach your goal, but he teaches you with perfect technique, patience and also understands you at a personal level as you  train with him. He uses innovative ways of teachinb and is a very cheerful and positive person to be around.  Anyone looking for guaranteed results, Conor is the man to go to.