I’ve been coaching for 13 years and I’ve coached 100s of clients at this point.

The #1 Mistake men over 30 should avoid with mobility training has nothing to do with the program, the gear or the supplements, it’s quitting the process completely.

As frustrating as this might sound, there isn’t any magic pill to take, the magic is in consistency.

Today I’ll share the exact 3 step formula I use with my clients to help them get incredible results from the power of compounding with their habits.

A 1% daily improvement is a 37X over the course of 12 months.

Most people never make it past 3 months and never get these exponential changes with their health.

When you find a system you can follow forever, that’s when the magic happens.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been doing salsa and bachata dancing.

This week my teacher shared that 5% of the dance class will last to the end of the year. This is based on what he’s seen over the past 20 years of teaching.

It lines up pretty close to the 8% of people who follow through with new year’s resolutions.

When there’s a rigid deadline, even if you do get there, what then? It often leads to just returning to what you perceive to be the real YOU.

Peter Bregman, writing in the Harvard Business Review advocates creating an area of focus rather than goals: “An area of focus that taps into your intrinsic motivation offers no stimulus or incentive to cheat or take unnecessary risks, leaves every positive possibility and opportunity open, and encourages collaboration while reducing corrosive competition. All this while moving forward on the things you…value most.”

Simon Sinek uses the term “infinite game”.

Your health and fitness doesn’t end in 90 days. It never ends. That’s why you need to find a system that you can plug into your life FOREVER.

I found that I struggled a lot with my dancing last year because I wanted to get there. I wanted to  be good and not feel uncomfortable anymore.

Everyone I talked to said the same thing, “we’ve all gone through what you’re going through. It’s super tough, but try and find enjoyment in this phase.”

This is the advice I also give to you.

If working out feels uncomfortable, like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, I feel you.

The 3 step framework will help you turn mobility training into part of your life.

The 3 step framework 

It’s actually very simple. We just reverse engineered, what is needed to become successful.

  • Step 1: Identify the #1 struggle:
  • Step 2: Pick a habit to follow:
  • Step 3: Monitor and adjust:

If the problem is poor hip mobility and low back pain which has lead to being 10kgs over weight, we know what habits we need to be focusing on.

Step 1: Identify the #1 struggle:

So here, I’d recommend the low back pain, because once this improves, you will become more active.

Exercise is a key stone habit.

Which means it promotes positive behaviour. The more you exercise, the more you tend to make healthy choices in other areas of your life.

Step 2: Pick a habit to follow:

A good one is to schedule your workouts. Picking two mornings to lock in like a Tueaday and thursday at 7am as a non negotiable each week works well for my clients.

Monday’s are easily missed and there are bank holidays and long weekends so a Tuesday and Thursday tends to be easy to maintain.

Step 3: Monitor and adjust:

This is the part most people mess up. If you don’t follow through with your habit, that’s okay. You reflect and make it easier if needed. It’s not over if you miss a week, it’s just too hard for where you’re at.

A part of you will think, “well what’s the point in doing anything if I can’t do my 3 x  60 min weekly sessions?” .

This is a valid argument but at this initial phase, the goal is not the work you’re doing, it’s the habit formation. If you failed with 60 minutes, make it super small so you can’t say no.

That’s usually 5-15 minutes for clients.

The magic  here is that, when you undercommit, you don’t feel pressure to fit it in.

It’s easy so you do your 5 minutes and then you realise you actually have more time.

Instead of skipping a 60 minute routine, you’re now showing up twice a week and most of the time you’re doing much more than 5 minutes.

So you’ve gone from zero to consistently showing up and then you can start doing more.


Getting results with fitness is simple but not easy.

It’s hard to avoid all of the distractions, the food and the things that cause you to feel old and broken.

This 3 step framework has been tried and tested and is the best approach I’ve found for both myself and my clients over the past 13 years.

This is an infinite game, so knowing that, start playing a game you can do long term.

Ps. I’m putting together a coaching group where I’m going to work privately with a handful of clients who want to boost their mobility, rehab annoying injuries and get in shape by the summertime.

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