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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.


2 Fitness Concepts


  1. Advice from 50 years of coaching

I interviewed Steve Maxwell yesterday. Steve is 71 and has been coaching since 1971. To put this in perspective. When I was born, Steve had already been coaching for 17 years. This is my 13th year coaching and 80% of the industry has less than 5 years experience. 

The level of knowledge this guy has obtained is unheard of. He was the first American born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Relson Gracie and was a share holder in the UFC when it first started.

His advice?

  • Strength train 1-2 times a week.
  • Move everyday for 30 mins – walking mobility etc.
  • Eat unprocessed food in a way you can sustain
  • Sleep 7+ hours a night.

Nothing revolutionary, but the basics are essential.  

I’ve interviewed 4 coaches in the past 3 months (Dan John, Steve Cotter, Andrew Read, Steve Maxwell) with a combined experience of 171 years. I’m going to compile a document with their main takeaways in an easy to digest manner. 

Is this something that would interest you?  If so, reply with “old school”.

  1. A super safe training protocol.

Timed static contractions is a method Steve shared with me on the podcast. Isometrics (static holds) are an incredible safe way to train. The method is simple. Hold the mid range position of the movement (hardest point) and hold it for:

  • 30s at 50% effort
  • 30s at 75% effort
  • 30s at 100% effort

Here’s more on it from Steve.

He also noted that world class BJJ athlete Gordon Ryan is using a lot of this type of training at the moment. The low risk, high strength return make this a great option for athletes and people over 40. I will be exploring this more over the coming year!

2 Mindset Nuggets

  1. Traits of high performance teams & companies.

Teams and workplaces where people feel safe, can be vulnerable and have purpose perform exponentially better. 

I had Ronan Conway on the podcast during the week. He’s doing exceptional work with high performing teams in Ireland (Irish rugby, Dublin GAA) and workplaces. 

He shared how when people feel safe, connected and have purpose in their job or sports team, they perform better. 

When I asked him how you can start building this within your own life, he said, “start small. Ask questions when you don’t know something and build it from there.” 

2. Is this response helpful now?

When I mess up, my inner critic is quick to jump in and berate me. Maybe you’re the same. Instead of listening to this part or hating this part. Understand that this was once a helpful response in your life. But it is no longer serving you. 

Thank that critic but instead of quitting (again), restart the activity you failed in.

Thanks for reading.

I’m in Tenerife at the moment.

Hard to beat January sunshine!

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