Happy 5-Flex Friday!

This week’s layout is slightly different as I want to dive into my lessons from running my first men’s retreat last week. 

Lessons from running my first men’s retreat

I struggled a lot with loneliness over the past few years. ⁠

Living in Australia away from friends and family, then moving a lot and working online lead to feelings of disconnection. ⁠

I know I’m not alone here as the more I speak about this the more I see other guys put up their hands and say the same. ⁠

I interviewed Keegan Smith back in 2021 and he told me about his plan of building physical villages around the world so men could connect in a supportive community. ⁠(see episodes 1 & 2 here )

I loved the idea but ideas are one thing, seeing this happen is another. ⁠

A little over two years later I’ve just finished up 8 days at one of these villages in Montenegro where I lead my first men’s retreat. ⁠

It’s incredible where a conversation can lead to. ⁠

Since the conversation in 2021 I followed Keegan’s journey and joined his community in the middle of last year. ⁠

I’ve felt like a massive gap has been filled. ⁠

Connection with other men striving for similar goals to level up with their physical fitness, business skills and language learning is a game-changer. ⁠

Before Christmas, Keegan pushed me to organise a retreat in 2024 and to get it done quickly. ⁠

Within a week of that conversation, I had set dates and sold out the first of 2 men’s retreats for 2024. ⁠

This is the power of coaching and mentorship. ⁠

My main obstacles throughout my life have always been myself. ⁠

Having a coach or mentor to shine light on these blocks have allowed my to continue on the path I’ve been on. ⁠

It’s also what I see with a lot of the guys in my online program. ⁠

They don’t know what their capable of until they are given the right path and once they get their health in check, next they’re supporting their family, their community and levelling up in their work roles too. ⁠

If you feel disconnected, like you’re letting life pass you by, I totally get you. ⁠

This stuff is super tough to figure it out by yourself. ⁠

If you can, find a friend, a coach, a mentor to help guide you on the path you crave to be on. ⁠

If you’re interested in joining me for an in person men’s retreat at another European destination this year, fill in this quick form .