Happy 5-Flex Friday!

I was talking with a friend this week about leveraging failure to succeed and she wants to write a book. 

When we talked more, the block was her fear of failure. 

She also feared judgement from others. 

“What happens if I write a bad book? What if people think I’m dumb, if I look like an idiot.”

It got me thinking. 

These thoughts are exactly what stops me from pursuing things I want to achieve. 

They are similar to the conversations I have with people every week. They explain why they haven’t changed their fitness and mobility. 

“What if I put all this effort in, and fail again? It’s what’s always happened, so why even try?”

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? 

That’s a question to ponder this weekend. 

Once you figure that out, follow the steps from today’s article to achieve that goal. 


Once I realised this, it empowered me to take action. 

I hope it helps you do the same. 

First, here’s what’s new in my world this week. Please click to find out more:

1: Maintaining long term results in your 50s – Robin (client podcast)

2. Free back pain rehab program – (download link in video description)

Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts

  1. One bite at a time

You don’t turn around your stiff broken body in one workout. 

It builds up over decades. 

You are in this current position for all the votes you’ve taken over the past 10 years. 

All the walks you’ve skipped, the workouts you’ve missed and junk meals you’ve eaten. 

It’s going to take time to turn this around. 

The key?

Start slow. My ethos in life is the following, only pursue things I can do long term. 

  • Workouts I can do long term
  • Food I want to eat long term
  • Hobbies I want to do long term
  • Investments I’m happy to hold long term
  • Friends I want to hang out with long term
  • Business partners I want to work with long term

I’ve no interest in the hack or quick fix. In all areas of life, every expert who’s worth their salt says the same thing. 

The long way is the shortcut – Dan John. 

If you want help building a long term plan with your mobility, book in here.

  1. 1 quality rep beats 10 bad reps

In the gym I go to, I always see a guy who hammers himself with chin ups. He does about 15 reps. 

That’s a lot of chin-ups. 

The problem is that not one of those reps counts as an actual rep. 

He’s spending all this time and energy but getting nowhere. 

In the short term, it feels good to do more. But he’s cheating himself over the long term. 

If you just focused on doing one rep really well, he’d get the strength and postural benefits of a proper chin-up. 

Instead he’s getting closer to injury and not getting any return on his time in the gym. 

Imagine learning a language. But, instead of focusing on the basics, you just power through all the materials. 

After two years, you might know some words. But, nobody can understand you. It’s because you never took the time to learn right pronunciation and grammar. 

You movement is no different. If you don’t have the fundamentals, you have no base to build from. 

So this weekend, focus on doing one rep to perfection. Your future self will be grateful. 

2 Mindset Nuggets

1.Leveraging Failure to Succeed

Fear of failure is why you keep failing. 

It’s what kept me stuck for many years with my health and my business.

The road map I’ve followed to fix my own broken body, improve my mental health and build the business of my dreams is very simple.

Find an expert who knows how to fix my problem, hire them, execute what they share with me. 

This is what everyone I know who is successful has done so I started doing it too. 

And believe it or not, it actually works!

I always hear people say, but coaching is expensive or I don’t have time for that but what’s the alternative?

I’d prefer to invest in health now rather than pay for medical bills in the future. 

Chances are, you’re not going to magically fix your situation. 99% of people out there need a roadmap and support system to help them succeed.

If this is you, book in a call here to chat about getting your mobility on track. 

  1. You pay for clarity

I have the same conversation every week with clients before they join my online program. They have all this information but no idea how to use it. 

This is the major issue today and it’s only going to get worse with AI. 

It’s not an information issue you have. It’s a clarity issue. 

It’s getting the direction and clarity. So, you know that the exercises you do in your limited time each week are laser focused for what you need. 

Whether it’s knee rehab, tight shoulders or a sore back. 

You pay a professional to give you that clarity on what to do. Just like your car.

You could open up youtube to figure out your car issue, and maybe you’ll figure it out, eventually. But you’ll also probably cause a lot of damage to it. 

The cool thing about this is once someone coaches you to be autonomous and independent, then you become self-sufficient for the rest of your life. 

That is what I see as freedom. 

If you want help here, book a call and we can chat. 


Client of the week – Ed, busy business owner and dad.

Ed has been in the program for over a year and has thrived with the clarity on what to do each week. 

He is very short on time working for himself, with two young kids.

He loves football and wanted to continue playing into his 40s and be set up with his mobility for the future.

Our process was to pull all the right levers for his lifestyle to make these shifts.

Most importantly, we gave him a clear path for the training, food, and lifestyle. They fit seamlessly into his busy schedule. 

Overall, we created a structure for eating, working out, and sleeping to fit with his busy life.

​​If you’re a man over 30 who wants results like this in 2024 click here for a strategy call.

1 Quote to Consider

“Clarity affords focus.”

-Thomas Leonard

This summarises what derails most people’s fitness. They are not even sure if what they are doing is working, so they can’t concentrate or stay consistent. Once you are clear, you can focus on executing.

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