The fitness industry is a scam

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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts

How the Fitness Industry Fails Men Over 30

The fitness industry caters exclusively to the young and super fit. That means getting fit and pain-free is no longer in reach for most busy men over 30.

It’s also made up of mostly coaches in their 20s with less than 5 years of experience. Any industry whose majority are inexperienced is going to result in poor outcomes for the client. It’s like asking a bunch of apprentices to build your house.

But I’ve created an effective way to offset aches and pains, so you can thrive in your busy life. How?

I’ve spent the last 13 years researching all the most effective mobility systems in the world. After rehabbing my own low back issues, I’ve created a system other men can replicate.

Now any man can get pain-free & feel a decade younger without wasting hours at the gym each week.

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Why Should You Get Fit?

I had a check-in with one of my clients this week. He’s in a senior executive role with a tech company. His last 18 months have been crazy intense and stressful. He’s been doing massive work weeks, travelled a lot, and also volunteers. He also has a wife and 2 kids at home.

During our check-in, he shared how he’s dropped 2 stone (13 kgs) over the last 18 months, feels more energetic, mobile, and strong in his body. These results are fantastic to hear, but the next part is why all of this is really important.

His 6-year-old daughter was doing headstands in her room last week, and instead of just watching or avoiding the activity, he popped down beside her and did them with her.

In the past, he would avoid these opportunities because of worry around getting injured. Now, he can create these incredible memories with his kids.

The impact these interactions will have on his family is huge. He’s a great role model for his kids and has the confidence to be more active and engaged with his family.

This is why you train, to be fully involved with loved ones and engage in your life.

This is what fitness gives you.

The freedom to take part in all opportunities in your life.


2 Mindset Nuggets

Focus on Ease

I’m on my last day in Tenerife and have had a lovely time practising freediving. I managed to dive to 27 meters on this trip, and it felt easy. The more I relax and ease into this practice, the deeper I can dive, and the longer I can hold my breath.

At the start of this journey, I would force the dive, panic, and come up in 10s. With the comfort and skills I’ve developed from freediving, I can now go snorkelling and explore the sea life.

It doesn’t take much effort to get to a level of proficiency with a skill. About 20 hours of any activity will give you comfort in that area.

So, if you’re feeling tight and restricted, investing 20 hours into training mobility will set you up for years. It’s getting to those first 20 hours that most people fail, due to the discomfort of being bad at the activity.

I’m focusing on applying this more to my day-to-day activities too. When I’m losing my breath on a hike, I calm my breath. When I feel my muscles fatigue in the gym, I focus on executing it with ease.

What Would Happen If You Thought Long Term?

The last 12 months, I’ve started thinking about things more in decades than in months. It’s made my decisions much clearer.

So much of the traps I fall into are when I want to get somewhere quick. The reality is, anything worth having will take years, if not decades, to master.

So, how would you approach training if you looked at where you want to be in February of 2034 vs. June of 2024?

1 Quote to Consider

“As a general rule, the more immediate pleasure you get from an action, the more strongly you should question whether it aligns with your long-term goals.”

– James Clear

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