Happy 5-Flex Friday!

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1: Defeat your 5 Mental Blocks with Fitness – new blog
2: Lessons From 40 years in the Fitness Industry – Steve Cotter – podcast
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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts

1. Making your workouts repeatable is a far superior way to train over the long term. You recover quicker and you can sustain your training. See this quote from my client below.

She’s been in my program for a year and is now doing advanced ring work. She’s stronger than most men and the workouts feel manageable and repeatable still.

If we started her on these movements she would have quit and got hurt but by slowly building up volume, these workouts feel just as manageable as her workouts did 12 months ago.

2. You don’t need to squat, bench or deadlift. What you need to do is figure out what you want your body to be able to do and reverse engineer what movements will make all that possible.

This is where a good coach is priceless as they can design a program that allows you to have the physical ability to be strong for your life specifically, not some random bodybuilding workout off the internet.

This will also help with intrinsic motivation. When my clients knows the why behind the movements they are doing, they become excited to train, they see where this is all going and are way more bought in, than just going to the gym to be made sweat with a random bunch of movements.

2 Mindset Nuggets

1. The most powerful question I’ve used to gain clarity on what I want to do or should do is this.

What would my 80 year old self regret?

I used this question last year during the end of year reflections and it made everything very clear. If I get to 80 and never made the time to learn to dance and speak a second language, I’ll be pissed. So 2023 was focused on Spanish and bachata dancing.

Sit with this question and get clarity on what the focus needs to be coming into 2024.

2. What are you waiting for?
Over the past few months I’ve interviewed 3 coaches who’s average coaching experience is 38 years (Dan John, Steve Cotter, Andrew Read are the coaches).

To put this in perspective, according to recent studies, the attrition rate among personal trainers is estimated to be around 80% within the first year of starting their careers.

Of the 20% who make it past year one 50% are gone by year five. So the majority of personal trainers out there have less than 5 years experience. (side note: it’s a good idea to ask your trainer how long they’ve been coaching before joining their program)

When you have such experienced coaches, you should listen very closely to what they say.

These .01% unicorn coaches all said the same thing. Don’t wait any longer to start as very soon it will be too late. So many of the people they know never got to wear the nice clothes they planned on fitting into or do the trip they wanted to do because they died.

You aren’t special either, if you’re over 40 and not prioritising your health, you might be gone a lot sooner than you realise too.

So what are you waiting for to sort out your health?

What’s stopping you from starting today?

1 Quote to Consider:

On healthy inferiority:

“Richard Bandler suggested that one of the major blocks to creativity was the feeling of knowing you are right. When we think we are absolutely right, we stop seeking new information. To be right is to be certain, and to be certain stops us from being curious. Curiosity and wonder are at the heart of all learning. Plato said that all philosophy begins in wonder. So the feeling of absolute certainty and righteousness causes us to stop seeking and learning.”

– John Bradshaw – from the book , Healing the shame that binds us