7 reasons why most guys over 30 don’t join The Strong For Life Blueprint

Over the past 12 years, I have helped 100s of men fix debilitating injuries, drop confidence destroying belly fat and feel a decade younger.

The vast majority of these guys had never done coaching before they joined the Strong For Life Blueprint (SFLB). 

In fact, many of them didn’t even have a gym membership! But they went through our program, followed their custom designed workout and 90 days later looked like they’d been working out for years.

They had completely transformed.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining SFLB, I wanted to share a few success stories with you that exemplify the power of becoming a client in the Strong For Life Blueprint.

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These are guys who were exactly where you are today.

  • They didn’t know how to fix their back pain (yet).
  • They didn’t know how to drop annoying belly fat (yet).
  • They didn’t consider themselves to be “strong & resilient” (yet).
  • They weren’t sure how to fix their high stress and low energy/libido (yet).

But they took action, made the commitment to show every day for 90 days, and once they started experiencing the results of their new habits, they never went back.

So, here are some of the most common reasons I hear why guys hesitate jumping in—and how these 7 guys overcame these hesitations, took the plunge, and ultimately transformed from weak & broken to bulletproof and resilient so they can lead their families and communities.  

1. “I’m afraid I won’t follow through with my goals (again).”

Patrick Cusack’s story is something each and every one of us can relate to.


He, like most people, had told himself for YEARS he would get started with mobility training. Especially as he was dealing with arthritis before he hit 40.  

“I kept thinking, ‘One day, I’ll start but the years passed.”

So, what changed?

“To be honest, I got a fright when I couldn’t get off the ground,” he said.

Here’s a snapshot of how Patrick’s life transformed after joining the Strong For Life Blueprint in October, 2023:

  • I’ve dropped 5kgs easily”
  • It’s now easy to get off the ground and I’m excited for bigger goals”
  • I’ve saved a fortune on food and the neighbors no longer see us as the deliveroo house! ’”
  • I’m connecting much more with my wife through cooking meals”
  • I’m training 6 days a week now instead of zero!
  • I don’t crash anymore so my energy and stress is much more balanced”

So, how much would you pay to unlock these sorts of outcomes in your life?

You can watch to Patrick’s review here

2. “My injury is too serious. I don’t think online will work for my low back.”

This was what Niall Sheehan was worried about. After being fit for his whole life, he found himself in chronic back pain and overwhelmed with what to do.

He was taking painkillers daily, needed to take days of work and ever basic tasks like brushing his teeth and walking were causing him pain. 

“I was walking with back pain, my mood was completely down. I was always used to being fit and active so this destroyed my confidence.”

When this happens to guys in their 30s, the fear and anxiety in causes is extremely challenging. You start worrying about being able to work, move and be present again and expect things to only go downhill. 

But with proper coaching and a customized program, Niall got his body back on track.

“I’m now deadlifting 155kg and aiming for 180kgs in the future!”.

You can watch to Niall’s review here

3. “I already follow a program online, I don’t see how this will make a difference.”

You would be surprised how many guys with solid training knowledge join my program, only to realize 90 days later how much they’ve grown and changed.

Robin Cuthbertson is an example of this.

He had been following online programs already and was doing karate for many years, but quickly learned that what he thought he knew about training and nutrition was only the tip of the iceberg. 

“Even though I’d been following other online programs, I was fatter than I’d ever been. I wasn’t progressing with mobility and pretty depressed before I joined SFLB” he said. 

After SFLB:

  • Dropped 25 lbs
  • Hit 11 chinups in my 50s
  • Haven’t drank alcohol in 12 months
  • Feel much happier and present day to day
  • Have gotten 2 salary increases due to my performance

You can watch Robin’s interview here 

So, how much would you pay to unlock these sorts of outcomes in your life ?

4. “I don’t have time to fix my fitness and health right now.”

Dave Segal joined the program at the worst possible time. He had injured his shoulder and was about to move his family across Australia. 

He said, “When I first joined SFLB I never thought I’d be able to get results given the move with my wife and 3 kids.” 

Dave considered himself to be a fit dad but had gained body fat and felt old after a few years of neglect

“I felt old and stiff and wanted to be able to keep up with the kids.” 

After joining the program, I rehabbed my shoulder injury and dropped 7kgs all whilst moving our family interstate.

In his words:

“Recently, I was late for my wife, so I just ran and got there in time. Now my body performs like it used to again.” 

Watch Dave’s interview for SFLB blueprint here

5. “I have been trying to fix my injuries for years and still haven’t been able to fix them.”

When you’ve tried everything, it’s normal to be skeptical. That’s the position Matt Garces was in before he joined the program.

“I was thinking surgery was the only option after 4 years of injuries,” said Matt.

This is true for a significant number of people who join the program. They don’t consider themselves to be able to fix long standing injuries because they keep re-injuring themselves regardless of what they do. 

But the principles I share in SFLB, is nothing like your previous experiences with physios, doctors and trainings—we meet you where you are at and build an exceptional foundation.

For Matt,

“Turns out, I don’t need surgery after all”.

I’m now doing judo, have started ice skating and even volunteering with the emergency services in Melbourne.”

Matt went from always getting injured and needing support, to now providing for his community.  

You can watch Matt’s experience here.

6. “I need In person coaching and online won’t work for me.”

Will online coaching work for you?

The answer is: YES!

Everyone thinks they need a coach beside them to actually do the movements correctly and for the support.

In fact, if you asked me four years ago if I would get better results online vs in person with a rehab client, I’d have said you’re crazy. But now I am with SFLB!

Paul Brandt is a perfect example of one of our clients who thrived in the online program despite being 70. 

“I was skeptical about what an online program would give me in the beginning vs my in person experiences. 

But, it’s been so much more effective working with you vs an in person trainer. 

I can review the videos and don’t forget things which frustrated me when working with in person trainers. 

I’d forget everything they would do and have to wait a whole week to ask them questions.”

You can watch Paul’s video on his experience here,

7. “I know what do, I just haven’t done it yet.”

Knowing something and doing something are completely different. It’s the exact trap Andrew Gow found himself in. 

“I knew all of this. I just didn’t do it. You mentioned the difference between knowing something and mastering it.”

Andrew had let his weight slip and his movement slide and was in a real rut when he joined the program. He had gotten results previously with trainers and had ever worked online with other coaches. 

What he was lacking was the accountability to follow through with what he wanted to do and the support to make this changes fit his current reality and lifestyle. 

You can watch Andrew’s experience here.

I hope you see yourself in one of these 7 success stories.

And I would love to have you join the next intake of The Strong For Life Blueprint. 

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