Happy 5-Flex Friday!

This week, I’m sharing how to audit your workouts.

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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts


1.Audit your workouts

Zoom out and look at what exercises you actually do. Look at movement patterns vs exercises. 

There are 5 fundamental movement patterns to ensure structural balance:


  • Push – pushups, bench press
  • Pull – rows, chin ups
  • Squat – squats, lunges
  • Hinge – deadlifts, glute bridges
  • Core – planks, deadbugs.


If your workout consists of mostly squats and pushes, you’re only covering 40% of your movement leaving a lot of potential on the table. 

In my experience, clients are lacking pulling and hinging in their workouts so you will also most likely benefit from this. 

2.Make it pretty


I first heard this from Ryan Hurst. It’s a simple tip to ensure your form is good. When exercises, panting and being out of control is not the goal. 

The goal is mastery of the movement. You never see dancers or martial artists panting and out of control. 

You want to be more like them, not someone joining their first ever high intensity workout class. 


2 Mindset Nuggets


1.On emotional bandwidth

A pattern I’ve seen come up repeatedly over the last 13 years of coaching is how (lack of) bandwidth affects clients. This affects clients in particular in medicine or high level management roles with families.

If you’re spending your whole week looking after others be it at work, at home or with older parents, it’s hard to have the bandwidth to put on your own oxygen mask. 

So you tend to neglect your own health, make worse decisions and find yourself in a deep hole a few years later. This is why so many doctors don’t seem to be healthy themselves. The emotional bandwidth it takes to do what they do, leaves little over to look after themselves.

The way to fix this? Outsource your accountability. Get a coach, get ahead of this downward spiral and get your health back on track. Every high performer has a coach. Not because they “don’t know what to do” but to ensure they actually do it. 


If you train 3 days a week for the entire year, you’ll hit 156 workouts. This is a goal most people out their can achieve but most never do. If you do 156 or more workouts this year, it will transform you life.

Your identity will change to a person who shows up every single week. You’ll start playing the long game and finally see real fitness results that you can sustain. Comment “156” if you’re joining myself and my clients on this path in 2024. 


1 Quote to Consider

“Time and energy are finite. You only have so many hours in a day and so many days of your life. The solution to using your time wisely isn’t about exerting more energy – eventually you’ll run out of steam. The key to reaching your greatest potential is about working smarter, not harder.”

-Amy Morin

I’ve good tome exciting projects in the works that I’m looking forward to sharing with you all too. Keep an eye out for updates here!

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