Dr. David Coleman is well-known for his media-related work, including television programs focusing on parenting, child development, teenagehood, and bullying. He regularly provides expert opinion on shows like Ireland AM, Today with Maura and Daithi, RTÉ Primetime, and Growing Up Live. For media-related queries, his representative Niamh at NK Management can be contacted.

He writes a feature column in the Irish Independent every Wednesday, where he offers expert commentary on children, teenagers, and family life. Additionally, he is a regular contributor to the Today with Claire Byrne radio show on RTÉ Radio 1, discussing parenting, and child and adolescent wellbeing and development.

Dr. Coleman is married and a father of three. Residing and working in east Clare, about 20 minutes from Limerick city he enjoys the benefits of ample space, clean air, and close proximity to Lough Derg. Outside of his professional and family life, his greatest passion is sailing, which he actively pursues in the serene surroundings of Lough Derg.

Episode summary

1. **Treating Kids with Kindness and Empathy**: One fundamental aspect of parenting highlighted by Dr. David Coleman is the importance of treating children with kindness and empathy. He advises understanding their emotional responses and being warm and understanding in interactions.

2. **Writing Inspiration from Current News**: Dr. Coleman often finds inspiration for his writing from current news topics related to children and teenagers. He aims to make psychological research accessible to the public through his articles.

3. **Risk-Aversion and Success**: Despite being risk-averse, Dr. Coleman emphasizes the importance of ongoing investment and effort in maintaining success in both professional and personal life.

4. **Managing Boundaries**: Dr. Coleman manages boundaries by not offering advice to strangers in public and redirects inquiries to professional channels. He acknowledges emails but avoids giving personal advice via email, instead advising individuals to consult their GP or a professional.

5. **Importance of Setting Boundaries for Public Figures**: Dr. Coleman underscores the necessity of setting boundaries, particularly for public figures, to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

6. **Suggested Changes in Education**: He proposes delaying formal academic education until age seven or eight and banning mobile phones and internet access for children under 13 to alleviate pressure and anxiety.

7. **Impact of Social Media on Teenagers**: Dr. Coleman discusses the detrimental effects of social media on teenagers, such as increased isolation and exposure to inappropriate content.

8. **Intermittent Fasting and Well-being**: He shares his positive experience with intermittent fasting and its impact on his well-being.

9. **Gratitude for Balanced Parenting Approach**: Dr. Coleman expresses gratitude for his wife and their balanced approach to parenting, contributing to their children’s positive development.

10. **Desire to Read Minds**: Dr. Coleman wishes he had the ability to read minds to better understand and connect with his teenage clients.

11. **Decreasing Stigma Around Therapy**: He acknowledges the decreasing stigma around therapy and counseling, particularly among teenagers, who now view it as normal.

12. **Book Recommendation – “Playful Parenting”**: Dr. Coleman recommends “Playful Parenting” by Lawrence Cohen for building emotionally connected relationships with children.

13. **Fiction Recommendation – “Ender’s Game”**: In fiction, he praises “Ender’s Game” for its engaging storyline and unexpected twists.

14. **Billboard Message**: If he could share a message on a billboard, it would be “Be kind to kids,” highlighting the importance of kindness and understanding towards children.

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