Nigel Dugdale runs the popular Twitter account @limerickcitybiz and is involved in creating a livable, attractive & ambitious Limerick city. Nigel, a passionate advocate for positive change in Limerick, offers his unique perspective and experiences, making for a thought-provoking conversation.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

The podcast kicks off with Nigel Dugdale discussing his deep-seated love for Limerick and his aspiration to see it flourish. He emphasizes the importance of urban planning, public spaces, and recreational facilities in transforming the city into a vibrant and attractive place to live. Nigel’s enthusiasm for change and his commitment to playing a part in it shine through as he contemplates his role in influencing public perception through social media and podcasts.

Revitalizing Limerick: Nigel Dugdale’s Vision for a Vibrant City

Nigel Dugdale touches on the frustration he feels when he perceives a lack of ambition in the city’s vision. He highlights the need for substantial investments in public amenities, such as outdoor gyms and recreational areas, that cater to various interests. Nigel draws inspiration from other cities like Berlin, Belfast, and Tallinn, where he’s witnessed urban revitalization and transformation, offering models for Limerick’s own growth.

He explores the concept of Limerick as a destination for livability, capitalizing on its proximity to natural beauty and recreational opportunities along the Wild Atlantic Way. Nigel envisions attracting a portion of Dublin’s workforce to Limerick by focusing on quality accommodation and promoting the city as a hub for wellness, sports, and outdoor activities. It’s a compelling vision that could redefine Limerick’s identity.

The conversation takes a personal turn when Nigel Dugdale the three most influential people in his life. Nigel shares heartfelt stories about his mother’s resilience as a young widow, his former boss Hugh Wallace’s impact on his career, and his admiration for visionary leader John Moore. These influences have shaped Nigel’s perspectives and drive for positive change.

Moving on to a rapid-fire round, Nigel recommends two captivating books: “The Boys in the Boat,” a non-fiction account of an inspiring rowing team, and “Birdsong,” a gripping fictional novel set during World War I. His book choices reflect his interest in historical narratives and the human spirit.

The podcast concludes with a thought-provoking question: if Nigel Dugdale could display a message on a billboard for the world to see, what would it be?
He chooses a powerful and universal message: “Never worry about what other people think of you.”

Empowering Limerick’s Future: Insights from Nigel Dugdale

Nigel underscores the importance of self-belief and conviction, encouraging people to follow their instincts and goals without being overly concerned about external opinions.

Throughout the podcast, Nigel’s passion for Limerick and his desire to create a brighter future for the city are evident. He encourages active participation from the city’s residents, urging them to get involved in shaping the city’s destiny rather than relying solely on the council. Nigel believes that by fostering a sense of pride and belonging, Limerick can become a place where people choose to live and invest in, thus preventing the brain drain that has plagued the city in the past.

In summary, this podcast featuring Nigel Dugdale explores urban development, personal influences, and a vision for the future. Nigel’s passion and insights provide valuable food for thought, encouraging listeners to consider their role in shaping their own communities. It’s a conversation that inspires action and fosters hope for a brighter future for Limerick and beyond.