I was in Budapest this week. I spent the week hanging out with my dad which has been lovely. We went to the thermal baths so feeling recharged and ready to get back to work!

1: How to keep training when you’re busy – Podcast

Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts

  1. Build the basics

The longer I’m in the fitness industry and the more I delve into other industries, every expert says the same thing. 

I did a podcast with a marketing expert last week. He said this, “It all comes down to repeating the basics consistently. There are no short cuts. 

I did a private salsa lesson with a teacher in Budapest last week, she said this. “Once you get good at the basics, you can just add small layers on top but it always comes back to your basic step. Keep practising this.”

You can never get good enough at the basics. The magic is learning how to make the basics exciting, and that’s what great coaches teach. 

If you want help building an exceptional foundation for your mobility, fill out this form. 

  1. 5 x 52

5 days a week you train x 52 weeks a year. 

How do you think about working out if you have to show up every week for 52 weeks? I know that my intensity and volume per session will drop way lower. This is the magic of playing the long game. 

You cannot smash yourself 5 days a week x 52 weeks a year. 

It’s impossible. You’ll last 1-2 months before you break. 

But this is how to get results.

Little and often is how to get exceptional results that you can maintain for life. This is not wisdom from me at 36. It’s from me interviewing expert coaches who are in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

That’s who I listen to. I have no interest in a 30 year old who’s created a new “system”. I want to hear from the 70 year old (Steve Maxwell) who’s still doing martial arts or the 67 year old (Dan John) who’s still olympic lifting. 

2 Mindset Nuggets

  1. Focus on possibilities not problems 

I was at a salsa class during the week and the teacher said this which I really resonated with. 

Life is full of problems but instead of getting bogged down by them, what possibilities do they give you? 

Hurt your knee and can’t use your left leg? Looks like you can spend that time investing in your upper body strength and mobility while my knee is rehabbing. 

Reframing is so powerful and effective.

  1. Invert it

I’m reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack at the moment. It’s surprisingly good. One of his mental models is to invert a problem when you’re trying to figure it out. 

So, let’s say you want to fix back pain. 

It’s overwhelming to know what to do, so what will guarantee you to maintain or increase the problem?

Here’s a list of tips to make you worse off. 

  • Sleep less
  • Sit most of the day
  • Eat processed junk food
  • Spend most of your day on devices 
  • Don’t do any strength or mobility training
  • Don’t ask anyone for help 
  • Get all your information from 30s Instagram clips and try to create a program from all of those random saved routines 
  • Never actually use those saved routines 
  • Only see one doctor who says you need surgery, it’s wear and tear and you’re just getting old
  • Just take pain pills 
  • Do a random yoga or pilates class that doesn’t focus on rehab 

Now once you map out all the things you shouldn’t do, you can simply invert them to create a better pathway. 

I’m using this inversion method for all areas of my life now and its been a game changer. 

1 Quote to Consider

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

― Albert Einstein