Up until 2019, I was waking up at 4:30 am every morning to see clients at 6 am. I loved in-person fitness coaching, but the hours were killing me. I found it hard to socialize around those hours and was seriously considering leaving the industry.

I had numerous conversations with Ryan Hurst back then to get support, and his advice was simple: “Think outside your postcode.” What Ryan meant was to start working online.

I made this jump in 2020 when I moved across Australia with my partner at the time.

The next 12 months were the hardest of my life.

Navigating Life’s Storms: A Tale of Adversity, Loss, and Finding Resilience

A combination of taking an 80% pay cut, leaving a successful in-person business in Melbourne, the onset of COVID, the isolation of a new place, financial stress, physical health issues, and to cap it all off, both my parents facing health issues on the other side of the world—everything started unraveling.

My relationship ended, my future in Australia crumbled, and I arrived back in Ireland in shock, with my tail between my legs.

I remember moving back in with my mom on a cold, wet December day after living in a beautiful house 5 minutes from the beach in Western Australia, thinking, “this is my rock bottom moment.” I had so much shame around failing. It felt like the low point in a movie.

I wanted to remember that day because I knew it would be a good story to tell in the future.

Building Fitness Dreams: Celebrating Milestones in Coaching and Team Development

I put my head down and worked relentlessly over the last three years. Some people would say it was too much, and in many ways, it has been.

I’ve gone months without taking a day off, and this phase was never sustainable, but sometimes you’ve got to do this to build a business.

This year I’ve really let go of control and focused heavily on support from others, connected with other coaches, and delegated more of my work. It was scary initially, but now I see the impact.

The past 6 months things have really taken off. I’ve just hired a third assistant coach and am really proud of the online coaching experience my team and I are creating for our clients.

Over the past three years, I’ve been able to travel all over Europe and Thailand, start freediving and bachata dancing, write a book (Strong For Life), and record over 80 podcast episodes with some of the best coaches in the world. And most importantly, help clients from all over the globe with tailored fitness training programs..

I still need to pinch myself about the position I’m in now.

In Tough Times: A Message of Hope and Resilience

I’m posting this for two reasons:

If you’re going through a tough time, if everything is falling apart, things will improve.

2020 was the hardest year of my life, both in my professional fitness career and in my personal life.
The last 12 months have been the best.
You will get through this.

I have so much gratitude for the position I’m in now. I get to work with amazing clients every day and share my ideas around fitness as a career, which is the best job in the world.
I now feel confident and excited to do this, as a professional personal fitness trainer online for the long term.

Regardless of how long you’ve been following me, I appreciate your time and attention, and if you’ve any questions, just reach out.

Thank You.