Raising €100k for charity while breaking the Guinness world record

This week I’m joined with Sean Brady from Cloud Assist. Both Sean and his daughter, Siobhan have been fundraising for cystic fibrosis with the https://highestharpconcert.com/

Here’s the full episode to listen to.

Sean and his daughter are at the heart of a monumental fundraising project: a bid to break the Guinness World Record for the highest harp concert, conducted in honor of a beloved figure named Desmond and aimed at generating substantial donations for cystic fibrosis.

Their journey is underscored by a sense of community and cultural pride, with notable support from figures such as Martin Hayes and President Michael D. Higgins of Ireland.
These endorsements reflect the broader backing they’ve received, spanning from governmental aid to the grassroots efforts of volunteers and sponsors a tapestry of solidarity that Sean insists is crucial to their success.

Sean’s reflections on the project underscore the importance of timing and strategic planning. He shares candid advice about the necessity of giving oneself ample time for such initiatives, a lesson learned from two years of intensive fundraising.
He speaks to the philosophy of “enlightened self-interest“, a principle that he interprets as seeking mutual benefit in charitable ventures.

According to Sean, this mindset is not just productive but also essential in sustaining long-term commitment to a cause. He candidly admits that the project has also served his daughter’s career, yet he justifies this by pointing to the tremendous personal effort involved.

Networking emerges as a central theme in Sean Brady’s strategy.

Sean Brady dismisses the idea of cold outreach via impersonal emails, advocating instead for the power of personal connections to cut through the noise and reach individuals who can make a difference.
His approach is methodical: identify key decision-makers, tailor your proposals to address their interests, and be prepared to listen and adapt your offerings to align with their goals.
LinkedIn and other professional networks are tools he recommends for identifying and establishing these vital contacts.

On the physical preparation front, Sean is forthright about the challenges. He and his team have committed to a rigorous fitness regimen under the guidance of Stephen Lappin, a fitness instructor and camera operator who will document their journey.
Despite Sean’s aversion to gyms, he finds solace and motivation in outdoor activities, which form the crux of their training.

Even with setbacks like Sean’s Achilles strain, their determination is unwavering.
Sean Brady reflects on his current fitness level with pride, noting it surpasses his condition during their initial record-setting expedition.

Financially, their efforts have been successful, with a substantial £78,000 raised for cystic fibrosis, but they are pushing for more. Sean Brady directs potential supporters to their Just Giving page and encourages visits to their website, which offers an immersive view into their preparation through videos and photo galleries. The website also provides a narrative background on Desmond and captures the media attention their efforts have drawn.

In closing, Sean Brady expresses gratitude for the conversation and an eagerness to discuss remote working, another subject he is passionate about. His experience offers a wealth of knowledge for others looking to embark on similar fundraising quests or tackle demanding goals.
The dedication of Sean and his team is palpable, as they approach the final leg of their preparations, poised to climb the literal and metaphorical mountain before them.
Their story is a testament to what can be achieved when purpose, preparation, and passion converge.

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