The Top 5 Reasons Men Over 30 Get Overwhelmed with Fitness

I see you, overwhelmed with Fitness, navigating through the sea of overwhelming and often contradictory fitness advice. It’s like every other article or “expert” is pulling you in different directions. One says carbs are evil; another swears by a carb-rich diet.

It’s like being in a noisy, crowded room where everyone is shouting their truths, and all you want is a clear, concise path laid out just for you.
Here are the top 5 reasons I see busy guys over 30 get overwhelmed with fitness and fail with their fitness results.

  1. You try to figure it out alone
  2. You avoid their weak areas
  3. You don’t have any accountability
  4. You never stick to a routine longer than 4 weeks
  5. You don’t understand how to build strength and muscle

But don’t worry, these steps will help give you clarity so you can put your limited time to use and finally get fitness results to keep you strong, lean and pain-free for your family, fitness and finances.

Step 1: Identify Your Unique Needs & Preferences

Your body, your preferences, your needs are UNIQUELY YOURS. It’s about time to honor them! Start by jotting down your goals, preferences, history, and what you enjoy. Do you love lifting weights or running? Keep doing them but also see what needs to be addressed to help you hit your goals. That’s normally more mobility work so you can get into better positions and reduce
injury risks.

Step 2: Make your plan repeatable

When the pain of change becomes greater than the pain of staying the same is a famous Tony Robbins quote. It’s an important place to get to when you need a lot of motivation to get out of your rut and overcome feeling overwhelmed with fitness.

The issue with this stage is you want to make BIG changes. Big changes are hard to sustain so it’s important to get clear on committing to a routine you can show up and do every week for the coming years, not just for a stint in early January.

So a nice framework to follow here is to ask yourself, what can you do on a hell week? A week where everything goes wrong. You are exhausted, work is stressful, family issues and everything is backfiring?

It’s usually 2 x 15 workouts for a  lot of clients. Setting this as your lower barrier commitment will mean on the weeks that are tough, you just adjust the commitment dial from 3 x 45 min workouts down to 2 x 15 minute workouts.

The magic of this is you maintain the compounding of the weekly exercise habit as opposed to waiting until life calms down to restart your routine.

Step 3: Apply “if… then, what”

This is a powerful framework to future-cast what your reaction will be when you fail with this plan. If then what mean, if X happens then X is what I’ll do. So an example is, if I fall off my gym routine due to travel, I will focus on doing steps.

Step 4: Hire a personal trainer

The right guidance can turn the tide when you’re feeling overwhelmed with fitness! Instead of going down the Google rabbit hole, seek advice from an experienced personal trainer who has successfully helped clients overcome that feeling. If you’re currently overwhelmed with fitness and unsure where to start, consulting with a qualified personal trainer can make a world of difference. They have a track record of helping people just like you, regardless of your age and fitness goals.

Step 5: Implement, Assess, & Tweak

The journey doesn’t end with a plan; it just begins. Dive in, start working out, and regularly assess how your body is responding. Again this is why having a coach is very helpful to see what’s needed to change and adjust. The most important thing here is to stick with a plan for at least 6-8 weeks before changing it. This helps you stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed with fitness choices.

The final point I want to leave you with is that all skills require repetition. Novelty is not something that helps you master movement and hit goals. You need to practice movements the same way as a musician repeats bars. This is why enjoyment is key with a long term fitness approach. It’s also why working on movement skills can help you enjoy the process of training and see your body improve in its ability to execute more complex movements. Like moving from a bear crawl to a handstand.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with fitness and want to overcome that feeling while obtaining a well-structured plan to help you feel a decade younger without spending hours working out each week, simply send me a direct message with “COACH1” on Instagram. Let’s connect, and we can discuss how I can assist you in conquering the challenges of being overwhelmed with Fitness.