Ronan is a good friend and doing fantastic work with Breath work in the Limerick region. It was after one of Ronan’s retreat’s with my dad and sister that I decided to quit alcohol. 16 months later, it’s been a great decision.

  • 00:00 Ronan O’Brien shares his journey from being a young rugby player to pursuing a career in health and wellness.
  • 01:11 Ronan faced a lumbar vertebrae injury at 18 and struggled with rehabilitation, eventually shifting his focus to strength and conditioning.
  • 05:26 Ronan began exploring breathwork and alternative modalities like plant medicine, leading to profound shifts in his perspective and self-awareness.
  • 08:40 Ronan emphasizes the idea of realizing that individuals are both a drop in the ocean and the entire ocean, promoting self-healing through breathwork.
  • 16:41 Ronan discusses the importance of nasal breathing and shares tips on using mouth taping to improve sleep quality.
  • 20:31 Ronan advises tailoring breathwork to individual needs, whether for stress relief, respiratory health, or meditation, and suggests a simple breathing exercise.
  • 53:21 Parents, especially single parents, face immense challenges in taking care of their children, which can lead to stress and the temptation to use substances like alcohol or drugs for relief.
  • 55:46 Practicing breathwork can help create balance in the nervous system, reducing the inclination to turn to harmful substances or behaviors for self-regulation.
  • 56:40 Avoiding self-regulation with unhealthy substances or activities can lead to repressed emotions and issues, emphasizing the importance of incorporating practices like breathwork.
  • 57:19 Breathwork is a powerful and accessible tool for self-improvement, and it doesn’t require specific locations or times. It can serve as a form of medicine for the mind and body.
  • 58:08 It’s essential to recognize that truth is subjective, and trying to change others’ perspectives may not be productive. Focus on respectful dialogue and open-mindedness.
  • 01:00:46 Ronan O’Brien’s ideal dinner date would be with Graham Hancock and his wife, who have explored ancient mysteries and alternative history.
  • 01:00:25 Ronan is most grateful for the health of his children.
  • 01:02:25 Ronan would choose the superpower of mind reading if he could wake up with one because of the insight it could provide into others’ thoughts.
  • 01:03:04 Recommended books include “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza for self-healing and “Breathe” by James Nestor. Additionally, “Magicians of the Gods” by Graham Hancock explores alternative history.
  • 01:04:43 Ronan would put a billboard message saying “You’re Already Enough” in front of every school to boost self-esteem and self-worth.

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