In this podcast chat between Conor O’Shea and our guest, Josh Hillis, we’re going to dive into Josh’s pretty unique journey.

He went from knocking on people’s doors in sales to becoming a pro fitness trainer and even writing his own book in the fitness world. Sounds like a wild ride, right?

Well, it gets even more interesting because his sales background turned out to be like superhero training for handling emotions, which came in super handy when he became a fitness coach.

From Salesman to Fitness Enthusiast

So, let’s break it down. At first, Josh Hillis was just testing the waters as a personal trainer.
He didn’t think it would stick, but guess what?
He fell head over heels in love with the whole fitness scene, especially kettlebell training.

It made him feel super athletic, and he was hooked. Coaching became more than just a job; it became his calling.
And then, he even wrote a book called “Stubborn Seven Pounds,” aimed at folks looking to shed some weight.
That book set the stage for his future fitness career.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Josh Hillis started talking about how his days as a door-to-door salesman were like training camp for his emotions.
The constant rejection and tough days actually helped him prep for the emotional rollercoaster of coaching in the fitness world. And guess what?

Having a supportive community around you is like a secret weapon during those tough times.

Next, let’s talk about Josh’s evolution as a fitness pro.

Evolution in Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

He kicked things off with this “habit-based nutrition” deal, which meant tracking food and building habits. But he soon realized that this one-size-fits-all approach didn’t cut it. So, he went on a quest for more flexible tools to help a wider range of clients.

This quest led him to stuff like hunger-based eating, acceptance commitment therapy, self-determination theory, and a bunch of other fancy-sounding techniques.
These tools weren’t just for show; they helped him tackle emotional eating, stress-related behaviors, and really cater to a diverse group of clients.

Oh, but hold on to your kettlebells!
There’s more.

Unlocking Your Full Potential: Josh Hillis’ Tailored “Eating Skills Program”

Josh talked about his “Eating Skills Program“.

This thing is all about mindful eating without tying you down with a million rules. Instead, it’s about planning how often you practice a skill each week.
It’s like giving you the freedom to find your groove without stressing about perfection.

Lastly, Josh Hillis tackled a big issue in the fitness world. Sometimes, trainers are all gung-ho about fitness, but their clients are coming from different planets with different needs.
Josh’s golden rule here is recognizing those differences and customizing coaching methods to fit each person.

So, to wrap it up, Josh Hillis shared his super interesting journey from door-to-door sales to becoming a respected fitness pro and author. He hammered home the point that flexible coaching methods are the name of the game in the wild world of fitness.

Plus, Josh Hillis reminded us that having empathy, emotional support, and the ability to adapt are like secret weapons in this industry.
Super cool, right?