Simplify Your Fitness Journey for Optimal Fitness Progress

I recently spoke with a client who was really struggling to see results in their fitness journey. Despite months of effort, each check-in seemed to underscore their perceived setbacks in fitness progress.
This client had valid reasons for not succeeding; various issues in their life were affecting energy, sleep, and routine, putting them in what I call a “red light phase.”

Pushing harder seldom works; it has always left me in a worse position. In my 20s, I pushed my body to the breaking point, riddled with injuries from years of playing GAA.
This initiated a journey of recovery.

Gaining insights from experts in various fields consistently underscores the significance of ease in optimizing fitness progress.
Ryan Hurst advocates staying relaxed with movements, and Dan John talks about following “repeatable workouts.” In my recent experiences with free diving and bachata dancing, the same theme of ease and relaxation emerges.

Stress in freediving or stiffness in bachata works against me.
True mastery is executing something challenging with ease, much like simplifying a complex issue for a child. It’s about making things simpler, not more difficult.

Unfortunately, when faced with challenges, my default is often to push harder instead of seeking ease.
So, what if you made things easier?
What if you committed to less each week?

Embrace the One-Easy-Habit Routine

Imagine doing one main task a day instead of 50. Plus, envision embracing self-compassion when setbacks occur, fostering a positive impact on your fitness progress.
And what if, when you messed up, you were kinder to yourself?

What if you asked, “What would this look like if it were easy?

Intense efforts may be derailing your fitness progress. Pushing so hard that you break, then punishing yourself for failing, only to push even harder and wonder why results worsen.
What you need is ease and momentum, not more friction.

Here’s a life-changing tip you don’t need to wait until January 1st to start:

Choose one habit, one non-negotiable to incorporate into your weekly routine for life.

For example, in exercise:
Aim for 2 workouts a week. Schedule them (e.g., Tuesday and Thursday at 7 am) and commit to at least 5 minutes.
Your habit is to have 2 slots a week (in your calendar) and show up for at least 5 minutes each week. That’s it.

It needs to be easy for this to be a lifelong habit. And of course, do more than 5 minutes if you want.
Experience the magic of consistently honoring a 5-minute commitment, propelling your fitness progress and effortlessly turning it into a lifelong habit.