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This week we are sharing why you shouldn’t ice an injury.

First, here’s what’s new in my world this week. Please click to find out more:

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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 mindset nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Concepts

1.Use PEACE and LOVE for rehab. 

You might have heard of RICE for injury rehab. This is what I was told when I was in university. 

RICE = Rest,  Ice, Compress, Elevate. 

That’s all been debunked now by the researcher (Dr. Gabe Mirkin, MD) who initially coined the term. 

Instead, do this:

P – Protect. Don’t cause further damage to the area but focus on gentle pain free movement. Rest is okay initially but get moving asap. 

E – Elevate. Elevate the injured area ideally above heart level. 

A – Avoid anti-inflammatories. Inflammation of the area is an important part of the recovery process. Using medication or ice can affect the long term tissue healing process.

C – Compress. This helps promote healing and recovery.

E – Educate. Understanding and educating the patient on how they can actively work on their recovery is crucial to long term recovery from injury. 

After the first few days, it’s time to show the area LOVE.

L – Load. Start putting load on the area as soon as possible. This helps with recovery. Start with small amounts and progress once you pull up well within 24-48 hours of the exercise. 

O – Optimism. This is crucial. Injuries are inevitable but not the end. Understanding how to navigate these issues with optimism accelerates recovery. 

V – Vascularisation. Adding in some cardio activity prompts blood flow which promotes recovery and confidence. 

E – Exercise. Motion is lotion. Mobility, strength and balance work will accelerate recovery as long as you don’t overdue and push past pain. 

2.1 good rep > 100 bad reps.

Exercise is a practice. Movement is a skill and how you repeat movements results in how well you move. Bad reps get you better at one thing….bad reps.

Instead, focus on executing each rep as well as possible. Do less but of higher quality. Your results, your strength, your mobility will all improve exponentially. 

2 Mindset Nuggets

1.Future cast gratitude

It’s not always easy to see the good in what you currently have.

But if you imagine yourself as a 90 year old reflecting back on your life now, you would kill to have all the capabilities you currently have.

You can walk for hours, you don’t need any help to do your daily tasks, you have full independence.

Just reminding myself of all these things makes it a lot easier to feel grateful. 

2.Is this repeatable?

If you are on a diet or following a workout program that you can’t see yourself being able to follow long term, you’re wasting your time. When you shift your approach to repeatable workouts and nutrition, you start playing the long game and get life changing results. 

Client of the week – Matt Garces 

Matt came into the program feeling broken and struggled with frustrating elbow and shoulder injuries for over 4 years. 

He loved training but couldn’t figure out how to get out of pain so he could enjoy his activities without worry of getting hurt again. At one point he thought surgery was the only option. 

Matt is now pain free and thriving in his 30s. He does ice skating, judo and volunteers for the emergency services. He feels bulletproof. 

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We fixed his weak links and imbalances in the initial phase of the program. 
  2. We focused on building bodyweight strength and then started loading movements with weight. She loved working out so this was no issue.
  3. We changed our mindset from extreme workouts to repeatable workouts.. This got him out of the “on or off” mentality when it came to training and also stopped him getting re injured. 

The best part was that Matt was always keen to learn and loved the process more than the outcome. 

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1 Quote to Consider

“I’d die for my family”

Cool. But would you be willing to be healthy for them?

-Dan Go

Every decent parent out there agrees about dying for their family but, how many of you’re daily actions are focused on being healthy for your family?

Actions speak loader than words.

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