Conor O’Shea

Are you a busy guy over 30 who wants to get strong, flexible and pain free?

Hi, I'm Conor. I help guys over 30 feel a decade younger without wasting hours working out each week.

Online Coach and Personal Trainer.

I know what it’s like to feel like your body is failing you. I spent my 20s injured, anxious and worried I’d have to stop working as a coach. Now in my 30s, I feel a decade younger and want to help other men like you, rebuild their bodies too.

Who is this program designed for?

Guys over 30.
Men with a busy daily routine.
Open to guys who wants to get rid of pain.
Created for men over 30 who want to regain mobility.
Designed for guys who want a better quality of life.
No equipment and no strict diets required.
The exercises are tailored to your current level.

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Every Friday morning, you’ll get 1 actionable tip on building flexibility and strength in just 5 minutes a week.


An 8 week plan to help you get strong lean and pain-free without wasting hours working out each week.


Learn more about joining my signature online program, The Strong For Life Blueprint.

Professional online coach and personal trainer
focused on helping busy men over 30 in Limerick get strong & pain free.

I help guys over 30 get strong, lean and pain free without wasting hours at the gym each week.
As a coach and personal trainer I care about my clients and will listen to your story so I can make sure you receive the help you need.
Helping guys over 30 feel a decade younger is what motivates me to do this work.
My mission is to help more people and make a dent in the chronic pain epidemic. I also want to help you restore your quality of movement to your life.

fixing injuries

Fixing Injuries and posture

Free yourself from common injuries with back, shoulder, neck, knee pain and more, and improve your posture to prevent future issues and discomfort.

strength and mobility training

Strength & mobility Training

Customized Bodyweight and Calisthenics training programs to build a strong, lean, and pain-free body from home, tailored to your needs and goals.

Fitness 360

Fitness 360 and Wellness

Online fully individualised fitness programs tailored to your fitness level to achieve physical and mental well-being and an overall better quality of life.

Online Personal Trainer for Guys Over 30 in Limerick

Conor O’Shea

Are you feeling stiff, tight and restricted?

Let’s find out why it makes sense to choose an online coach and personal trainer:

Save time and energy while getting life changing results.

Training designed for guys with a busy routine.

No transportation costs or time wasted going to the gym.

No crazy diets required or special equipment.

training program tailored to your level and goals.

Continuous and professional progress monitoring.

I’ve coached guys from Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, NZ and Australia who want to gain strength, rehab and prevent injuries and live a better quality of life. Discover how strength & mobility training will fix injuries and do so from the comfort of your home with targeted exercises and progressions.

Book a discovery call

I go through an in depth interview to understand your situation on this call. With this information we can see what is stopping you from achieving your goals. If I can help you, I’ll then walk you through some program options. If not, we can figure out what ever else is best.  I might refer you out to someone I know, give you some homework to work on, whatever is going to best suit your current situation.

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